Skunk Models 1:48 HH60J Jayhawk

Built Date: October 9, 2011

USCG Kodiak, Alaska

The full build article is published in Tamiya Model Magazine International, Issue 195. A special thank you to Macus Nicholls for sending me this kit for this article.


This is a newly released model kit from Skunkmodels Workshop in 2011.   Skunkmodels is an off-branch of Kinetics/Luckymodel. I understand that this kit is essentially the reboxing of the Italeri HH-60 Seahawk with new SkunkModels made spruces, PE sets and new decals to build a HH-60J. A good review of this kit can be found at Cybermodeler

This kit has the modification of the port fuselage for the two side windows and sills for the Coast Guard helicopter. In addition, new parts for the nose radar and fuel pylons are provided. When I tape the fuselage parts together, I am amazed at how much room to see inside the cabin. Sadly though, much of the details of the rear cabin and the cockpit is not provided. This means lots of scratch building is required to fill up the space.

Kit cabin is very empty.

I scratch built the entire interior of this chopper.  The seats from the kit is extremely simple.  I scratch built a new seat.  The folding cloth seats are made from wine lead foil sheet. This material is typically used by me as seat belt material but it also serve very well in this instance to simulate fabric seat. Note the folding of the material to simulate cloth.


Ricky helped me out by casting several seats for me by using my masters. Thanks Ricky. It was really hard for him to cast the frames but he managed to pump out at least four good seat sets for me to use in the model. Without his help on this, I would’ve had to make 4 seats from scratch and that would’ve been hard to do consistently, and not to mention it would be really laborious.

Painted cabin
My scratch built cabin with resin cast seats


My scratch built cabin from another angle


October 09, 2011: Completion day. I just came back from Vancouver for the 2011 IPMS Vancouver show. I had a good time in Vancouver, as usual, thanks to my friend Ricky. I had some excellent meals at Le crocodile and Dale Mackay’s ensemble . I saw some good models in the IPMS show and had a good time there as well. Now, it’s back to work and finish this model. I just had to do some finishing touch ups on the doors and such and now it is finished.. As you can see the cabin door is very large and you can see a lot inside. Hence, it is worth the effort to detail it up a bit.

This model is not easy to finish up due to the poor fitting clear parts and the difficult masking for this paint scheme. However, when done this chopper looks great. If I had to do this again, I would glue all the clear parts to the model and seal up all the poor fitting joints and paint over the joints. However, it can be difficult to keep the inside surfaces of these clear windows dust free during painting and so on. Certainly, it would help a lot if the windows are redesign for easier fitting. Regardless, this is nice model that can build up to a great looking model.


Gunze: H329 Yellow, H323 Light Blue, H418 RLM78 Light Blue, H57 Aircraft Grey, H77 Tire Black, H416 Black Gray, H309 Green

Tamiya X-2 Gloss White

Model Master Acryl 4682 International Orange, Model Master Fluorescent Red


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