Monogram 1:48 F-101B

15th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 28th Air Defence Wing

The full build article is in Issue #189 of the Tamiya Model Magazine International (TMMI)



DSCN4152sm1000DSCN4132smF101pitpaint 003smDSCN4165smDSCN4155sm

6 thoughts on “Monogram 1:48 F-101B

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    1. Richard,
      I finished this model with several Alclad paints over a super smooth sanding job and precoated with a thin layer of Alclad grey primer. The grey primer was rubbed with an old cotton tee shirt to buff to a smooth and shiny finish before I apply the Alclad paint. I assume you are from Korea. If you can’t find Alclad paint there then another really good metal paint to use would be the AK Interactive metal paints.


  1. What templates do you use for your scribing? Homemade? Scribing tool? I’m building the F-84F now by MM and your work is exquisite.


    1. I use the Hasegawa Tritool templates for any circular shapes and oblong shapes. Any specially shaped panels are aided in the scribing by making my own templates made from Dymo tape. I simply trace the shape of the panel and then transfer that to the Dymo tape and cut out.


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