Monogram 1:48 B-26G Maurader


Built Date: February 19, 2007


The detailed build article and photos of this model can be found in the May issue of the Tamyia Model Magazine International, Issue # 139


The B-26 is just one of many subjects from the classic Monogram collection that I always wanted to build.  As classic Monogram subject goes this was another difficult build as the fit up is far less than ideal.  If you are used to building Tamiya or the new Chinese kits then I don’t recommend you to try building this one until you got couple of easier Monogram kits under your belt.

When I built this in 2007, I was in a personal challenge mode.  I kept trying to push my scratch building limits and testing my skill in finishing.   In that sprit, I opened up an engine bay and scratch build the engine compartment, rear gunner position, bomb bay, and improve on the limited details inside the landing gear bays.   The entire model was rescribed with recessed panel lines and recessed rivets.   To increase the challenge level, I painted the model in natural metal finish and made my own nose art decals for an interesting subject.




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