Monogram 1:48 F-102 Delta Dagger

Built Date: June, 2008

496 Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Hahn Airbase, Germany. 1961

This model was featured in the September 2009 issue of FineScale Modeler . Refer to this magazine for the full build article.


For any serious century series aircraft collection, you got to have the “Deuce”. Monogram F-102A Delta Dagger Kit No. 5518 is the only one choice available in the market for a 1:48 F-102A. My model is built from this re-released kit issued in 2002 still under the Monogram label which is based on the mould of the original Century Series kit produced over two decades ago. This re-released kit is moulded in light gray styrene and the parts are presented on six parts trees and one clear parts tree. The panel lines are the raised type, not recessed, but this should not be a problem for most modelers. This released version features the early F-102A with the Case X (case 10) wing which has the up-curving wingtips and rectangular elevons. To really confuse you, there may be two versions of the Monogram F-102A kit on the market: One is the early series Case X wing which is provided in the 2002 release, and the Case XX (20) wing which is found in the kit release in 1990 (if you can still find it). The Case XX wings had the wingtips curved downward, and only F-102 with serial number 56-1317 and higher had the Case XX wing

The only draw back in this kit that I can pick on is it does not replicate the intake ducts very well, however, an engine face plate is provided inside the fuselage to block off daylight when peeking down those intakes. Similar in feature with all the other Monogram Century Series kits is the nice detailing in the cockpit, weapons bay, wheel wells, landing gear, etc. The one thing missing is an AIM-26 missile. Kit options include:

  • Positionable canopy
  • Positionable speed brakes
  • Positionable weapons bay doors
  • Extended or retracted trapeze missile launchers
  • Four AIM-4 Falcons (GAR-1/GAR-2)
  • Optional pilot and ground crew figures with boarding ladder

To me, this has to be one of the easier to build Monogram kits. Most of the fit is quite excellent, straight forward to build and is very detailed straight out of the box, even by today’s standards.

Although the kit cockpit is acceptable as is, I choose to use an aftermarket cockpit from BlackBox.

The kit’s decal sheet features markings of the colourful yellow-black fin marking of the 496 st Fighter Interceptor Squadron based in Hahn Airbase in Germany during 1961. The decals in these newer re-releases are far superior to the older generation of Monogram decals.

Two aircraft markings are provided for in the kit:

  • F-102A-70-CO, 56-1210, 102 FIS, NY ANG, 1973
  • F-102A-40-CA, 54-1405, 496 FIS, Hahn AB, 1961. This model’s decals are the kit decals for the aircraft of the Commader of the 496 FIS.
  • HahnF-1004 001sm



F-102 painting nozzle 001smDSCN3091smDSCN3083sm


F-1026001smF-1023 008smF-1023 001smF-102-2 008smF-102-1 003sm

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