Monogram 1:48 RCAF B-25 Mk. III

Built Date: January 22, 2010

RCAF 418 Squadron, “City of Edmonton”

The full build article is available in the September 2011 issue (Vol. 29, Issue 7) of Fine Scale Modeler.


The Model Kit

This is a long-awaited build of a B-25 that was in service with RCAF Squadron 418 “City of Edmonton”. I first saw a fine example of a RCAF B25 in 1:72 done by Mr. Geoff McDonell in an issue of Fine Scale Modeler in May 1996. Later, I saw the actual model in person at Imperial Hobby in Richmond, B.C. and I fell in loved with the subject. Mr. McDonell did such a super excellent job that I tried to followed his example using an Italeri kit but I gave up quickly largely because I don’t like working in 1:72 and it was such a beast of a kit. Ever since then I wanted to do one in 48th scale and of the planes they flew in Edmonton. I couldn’t do it earlier because there was no decals available for their nose art. Well, my luck came in 2006 when Dave Koss of Leading Edge produced a one time decal sheet for the 2006 Calgary GOMBS Model show.  It was an excellent decal sheet as typical of all Leading Edge decals.   Thank you Dave Koss!

RCAF B25 Decal1

This is a very difficult subject to research as there are not much period photos available on this particular 418’s B-25, Serial HD-312.  With the exception of Dave Koss, the people who claimed to have photos of this plane did not share the info with me during my building of this model, so I had to make some best guesses.  Of course, after I build the model then all the Experts came out to critique on what I did wrong. Thanks a lot.   I’m the sharing type so on my website here I am posting all the references that I have to share with others who wants to build this model or research this aircraft.

Research Information:

Below colour photo is the only clear image of this particular plane that I used for reference.  This photo courtesy of  Dave Koss of Leading Edge Model, clearly show what this plane looked like before it was scraped due to this landing accident at the RCAF airbase at Whitehorse in 1957 .

B-25 312 on trailer After Crash
Photo of HD312 being carried off the runway after the crash in 1957. Photo credit: Late Mr. John A. Morrison and Dave Koss.

There was a debate as to whether or not this plane also had an Al Capp cartoon character nose art on the starboard side nose.  (Recent update 2014:  Someone sent me a photo of this aircraft on the starboard side which clearly showed there is an Al Capp nose art,”Marryin Sam”, however, one cannot be certain this is a photo of HD-312.  But the date of this photo indicates 1957 and the background do look like a remote forested location.  I would be inclined to  believe this to be a true photo of HD-312 after the crash.)

There is a nose art on the starboard side

To confuse the matter further, the book by Arnold P. Vaughan for RCAF 418, which has a blurry photo of this plane as it was crash landing show this plane do not seem to have any nose art on the starboard side.  Could that smudge on the darken nose area be the nose art?



I built this model from the Monogram 1:48 scale B-25J kit. It is a pretty fine kit when compared with the other Monogram bomber kits as it didn’t suffered from as many fit up problems as the other kits. That’s not to say there weren’t any fit up problems. The model is rescribed and recessed riveted. It is painted in AlClad II paint system.

The cockpit details are pretty excellent as is, however, I added some extras at place where it would visible. This kit again proved that superdetailing a bomber is pretty much a waste of time since you won’t see any of it after the model is built.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  • Detail & Scale Vol. 60, “B-25 Mitchell”, by Bert Kinzey, ISBN 1-888974133

  • Squadron/Signal Publication No. 34, “B-25 Mitchell In Action”, ISBN 0-897470338

  • ‘418 (City Of Edmonton) Squadron History’, by Arnold P. Vaughan
    Published by The Hangar Book Shelf, Canada, 1985 ISBN: 0-920002 315

  • “RCAF Aircraft Finish & Markings 1947-1968”, by Patrick Martin & John Griffin
  • Photos web site By Ron Dupas

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