Hasegawa F-4F

1:48 German Luftwaffe F-4F

Built Date: 1991, Repainted around 1998

German Luftwaffe F-4F Training in CFB Goosebay, Labrador, Canada

This is a Hasegawa F-4F model I build back in 1991.  At that time I did not have enough skills and information to do the Norm 81 paint scheme.   Hence, I just painted it in the solid splinter scheme (Molder) as directed by the kit instruction.   Around 1998, I repainted this model. I felt I had enough skills to give the Norm 81 scheme a try. I stripped the old Gunze paint with Methol Hydrate thinner. Before painting, I took the opportunity to upgraded the cockpit to what is shown on these photos.

 The upgrades done to the cockpit were:

  • addition of a KMC side walls
  • True Details resin seats
  • scratch built upper instrument panel for the back seater
  • addition of wires behind the rear instrument panels
  • addition of home-made oxygen hoses.
  • addition of mirrors to the canopy.


The German F-4 has a unique camouflage which is referred to by the Germans as “Norm81”. The Norm81 camouflage for the F-4F uses six colors. There are two variations of the Norm81paint scheme: Norm81A and Norm81B. I painted my model in the Norm81A scheme. I used exclusively Gunze paint.  Mixing instruction and paint colour are shown on the reference chart I marked up below.  Decals used are the kit decals and the AirDoc decal sheet.  12


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