Model Shop: Falcon Supplies, Hong Kong

Location:  Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong.

Updated Information:  On Oct 31, 2019, a reader, Adolf, informed us Falcon has moved to 筲箕灣道57號太安樓7樓741室.  and the proprietor’s name is Leon.   Click this link to visit Falcon’s Facebook page       Thank you all.

I want to share with you another model shop I visited in Hong Kong during my 2011 trip. The store is still there at the time of this writing.  Plastic modelling, whether it be scale models, gun models, figures, or Gundam, is still going strong there in Hong Kong; just as it is so in Taiwan and Japan.  Due to the expensive real estate prices there, many shops are tiny and hidden away in nondescript buildings and you won’t find them unless someone tells you where to find them.  One of such shop is Falcon Supplies (輝煌模型).

My good friend Ricky told me about this place and I had to make my way to visit Falcon Supplies.  I took an afternoon off from my family and travelled on the efficient MTR to Sai Wan Ho MTR Station on Hong Kong Island.  Took me about 45 minutes to get there from my Hotel in Kowloon, which included walking time and back tracking time to find the building.


On the outside, one could never think there is a model shop there.  The shop is located on the 7th floor of an apartment building called Chit Lee Commercial Building.  After taking the lift to the 7th floor, I find a sign in Chinese indicating there is a hobby shop.  The shop hours are from 2 to 9 PM so that gave me plenty of time to have a super nice lunch before I go.

The entrance to the 7th floor apartment for the shop.

This is not my typical experience of going to a store.  I didn’t know what to expect and frankly a bit hesitant to go in based on the appearance of the ‘store front’.  But, hey I’m here already, so I pushed open the door and entered.  What a shock.   I see a little room the size of my kitchen, filled and stacked wall to ceiling of model supplies and model kits!  I was immediately excited by the find.  After making a greeting with the older gentleman behind the counter, obviously the proprietor, I began to rife through the huge selections like a recently released prison inmate in a Porn store.

There is a Heaven!
This is what I saw as I entered the room. The Owner just minding his own business and leave the Customers to sort his way through.

I think the Owner has a good relationship with Eduard cause it is well stocked with their products.  I have NEVER seen a store with so much of the Eduard resins and photoedge stuff.  I managed to find a lot of the Eduard stuff I wanted but couldn’t get otherwise.  He also stocked a lot of British and Korean resin figures for 1:48, 1:32 and 1:35 which I can’t find in Canada.   There were aftermarket stuff for ships, armour and aircraft:  He didn’t discriminate.  He had boxes of decals and other stuff which took me some time just browsing through them quickly.

By 2011, my craze for aftermarket stuff has dwindled a tad but none the less I still managed to purchase a hundred dollars C$ worth of figures and photoedge to take home.   I know…. it’s sad.   Boy, that stuff can sure add up a lot of money quickly.  I found the prices are reasonably cheaper than what I pay in Canada or by mail order.  If you ever go there, make sure you put aside three to four hours of the day for the visit.  This store is well worth it for aftermarket stuff, eventhough the store is well out of the way.



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  1. hello, wayne, falcon has moved to 筲箕灣道57號太安樓7樓741室. propietor’s name is Leon. quite articulate & knowledgable about the industry. he is the distributor for Edward.


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