Model Shop: RX88 Hong Kong

Location:  Kowloon, Hong Kong

Just as I have a very good idea of what a good bottle of wine should be, I have a very distinct idea of what a good model shop should be.  As such, I think RX88 Hobby in Hong Kong is an excellent hobby shop to visit while visiting my old stomping ground in Hong Kong.

Usually, my favorite hobby shops to visit while in Hong Kong were:Continental Model & Toys Co. in Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, and UML (both Kowloon and Hong Kong locations). However, during my trip to Hong Kong in March, 2017, I visited a hobby shop called RX88 Hobby, located in Mong Kok, Kowloon.


RX88 Hobby, like most shops in Hong Kong, are necessary small in size, due to the expensive real estate, but voluminous in its assortment of kits and supplies.   During my visit, RX88 has two locations only blocks away:  One tiny shop in Fife Street and Fa Yuen Street and the other larger store at Prosperity Building (德 發 商場) on Nelson Street.

A former store on Fife and Fa Yuen Street which is now closed and all material moved to the main store below.
The Tung Choi Street store located in the basement of this shopping center (德 發 商場)

Henry is the Operator of the stores, assisted by his wonderful wife Carmen.  (Update: Oct 16, 2017 –  I visited RX88 and can now confirm that Henry has close the small shop on Fife Street and consolidated at the store in 德 發 商場.)


It was too bad that Hong Kong was the first leg of my vacation because I would love to buy at least one of those Chinese made airbrush and carry home a new silent compressor for a low price.  While I was there, just shortly after the store was opened at Noon, I was already brushing shoulder to shoulder with several guys shopping for supplies.

Henry is a fantastic fellow.  After I introduced myself to him, we had a pleasant discussion about his store and then he phoned his wife to close the other store to come over to pick me up to go to his second store at 德 發 商場.  His wife later showed up and guided me for about four blocks to the larger main store.

The main store located in the basement of Prosperity Building (德 發 商場) is very difficult to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for.  A small red sign is the only clue you can observe at the entrance to the building and you can easily missed the store:  That’s Hong Kong for you.

As I entered the basement of the building I saw many little stores selling electronics and other consumer goods.  Near the end of the row of stores, I saw a bright red sign of the RX88 Store.  I was delighted to see the display case full of built models.  This store has a good selection of new model kits, supplies, magazines and books.   I was most impressed by Henry’s wife explaining to a customer how to use a paint product as if she was a seasoned modeller, when in fact she does not build models at all!   She explained that Henry often times informed her of how he builds models and how he uses the product.  How many you have a wife or girl friends that would listen to you talking about models!!!  Not many I say.

There are two flat screen TV inside the store and in the store front playing videos on techniques on painting and using some of the modelling products.  I am most impressed that they are using this medium to get people motivated and informed on how to build models.   The models displayed at the store front are examples of excellent work done by Hong Kong modellers.

I’d just let my photos speak for themselves about this store.


This is a store worth visiting if you are ever in Hong Kong.   Be sure to say hello to Henry and his wife while there and let them know that Wayne introduce you to this fine model shop.


11 thoughts on “Model Shop: RX88 Hong Kong

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    1. Yes! It is so sad when travel to Europe I couldn’t find many model shops, except for Paris which has a mere few. Plastic modelling is still going strong there in Hong Kong and I can recommend some for you if ever go there. Thanks for reading.

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  1. thanks for sharing this, I’ll make it a point to visit time I’m in HK. My route nowadays is Continental, followed by the shops along Nathan Road – UML , Sunny etc. UML has a sort of outlet store further in clearing model kits – could be Soy Street, near where the RC and Airgun shops congregate.


    1. Hey, I know those RC and airgun shops on Soy Street. I’ve been there. Didn’t know about UML outlet store though. I’d check that out next year. Thanks. I always liked Continental in Yau Mah Ta, but they used to be even better for shopping back when they were in a shopping mall across Nathan road. I really liked the built models they displayed there. You should check out RX88.


  2. Hi, I agree RX88 is a great shop. As mentioned, the small shop is now closed. Unfortunately the demise of hobby shops is finally reaching Hong Kong. Several shops on Kwong Wah St are now closed, most recently Sunny Model (the one with the model ships in the window) It looks like the UML shop next door might be going the same way as they had a 65% discount on existing stock today. They may consolidate to the shop nearby in Waterloo Road. Wailee Model also had a shop in Kwong Wah St which closed several years ago. They are now in Wanchai Rd over on the island.
    There are two other good shops in Sai Yee St Mongkok, just north of Argyle St, and of course there is Hobby Easy associate Fat Frog models nearby at Unit 1, 3rd Floor, Cheong Ming Building, 80-86 Argyle St (entrance off Hak Po St), Mongkok, as well as the main warehouse/shop in the Sunview Industrial building in Chai Wan (an easy walk from Chai Wan MTR)
    The Hong Kong model scene is still better than most cities, but the trend is strong away from bricks and mortar stores unfortunately.


    1. Wow, Tania, thanks for the update and sharing the latest intel with us. Yes, very sad to see the brick and mortar stores are slowly, but surely, disappearing. I think HK, Taiwan, and Japan, will hold out much longer than other places in the world because there’s enough model builders there. When I was in Barcelona, Rome, and other cities in Italy, I can’t find any scale model shops. Seems everyone got on-line selling. Only Paris still have 2 decent one around in that city. Take care Tania.


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