Model Shop: Fat Frog Scale Model, Hong Kong.

Location: Unit 1, 3rd Floor, Cheong Ming Building, 80-86 Argyle St (entrance off Hak Po St), Mongkok.


Hobby Easy is another successful online model shop in Hong Kong.   Early 2017, they established a store front in Mongkok to sell their products direct to locals.  The store is called Fat Frog Scale Model.   Location is as shown on above map.

To get there, I took the MTR to Mongkok Station and exit E2 west of Nathan Rd.  I took Nelson St down towards Hak Po St. and turn left.  There is no signage outside the building to indicate there is a hobby shop in 3rd floor of the Cheong Ming Building.   This has to do with some recent City Hall bureaucratic issues with permits and signage.   Just locate the building as shown on the map and go up to the 3rd Floor.  Upon reaching the floor you will see a sign outside the unit as shown below.


Inside is a small shop stuffed full of aftermarket products for aircraft, armour, and figures.   Just about any resin product Hobby Easy sells online can be found at this shop.  The numerous volume of products are stuffed into boxes in which one must take time and patience to sort through.  It is indeed treasure hunting and it was fun.   I enjoyed my time shopping here and I recommend this store to all hardcore scale modellers.

View of the store as I enter the Unit.
Treasure hunting in boxes of Quick Boost and Aires resins.


Some model kits from Hobby Easy are available in the store.


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    1. I find all Hong Kong hobby shops that I have visited has good prices, when compared to what I can get in US and Canada. It is also better than shopping online because you don’t have to pay for shipping. And when you find kits or aftermarket stuff you can’t find back home, then price don’t matter at all.


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