Academy 1:35 MH-60S

Builder:  Ricky Wong.

Build Date: April 2018.

Academy released this 1:35 MH-60S Knighthawk kit back around 2014.  It was the first and, still at the time of writing, the only available kit of this Navy helicopter in this scale.   Refer to Cybermodeler for a detailed review of this kit.

Ricky has been building this kit on-and-off since 2015 and finally finished it this month.   Although this kit is supposed to be an MH-60S,  Academy missed many details which Ricky had to scratch build and modified to make his model more representative of this versatile Navy helicopter.  The in-progress photos below should be self-explanatory to illustrate what Ricky did.

Major modifications are:

  • Tail fold is scratch built and mounted in the folded position
  • Scratch built cabin interior including seat cushions, ceiling and floor details, and wall panels
  • Modified and Scratch built rotor folds
  • Added exterior reinforcement plates and mounts
  • Added FOD covers
  • Added Live Resin’s M134 Mini-gun Weapons System resin set

sm16sm23smDSC_0002 (2)smDSC_0044smDSC_0518

There were many challenges for Ricky to overcome on this build but he steadfastly carried-on.   The greatest challenge for him was not anticipated until he finished painting the model and started working on the decals.   To his surprise, the Academy decals were thick and totally useless:  They would not stick to the model and they would not soften to conform to the contours of the model!   Finally, on my advice and instructions, he scanned the kit decals and printed them to Testor decal papers to make new decals.  The model is finally finished and it does look impressive, especially in 1:35 scale.



You can contact the builder at

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