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Hi, my name is Wayne Hui. This is my web site which I use to share my model works with other like-minded aviation scale modellers.

I am a retired Mechanical Engineer and an avid plastic scale modeller. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In addition to building scale models, I am a foodie and enjoy wine, travelling, cooking, and strength training:  Most of all, I enjoy my time with my family.



I built my first plastic model when I was 11 years old as a way to keep myself busy and stay off the street. From plastic models, I expanded into rubber power flying models and then into control line and radio control flying model airplanes. The plastic models I built when I was a kid were very rough. They were brush painted and glue was used as filler to hide seam lines. I stopped building models when my University study and part-time jobs didn’t leave me with much time to spare. I studied Mechanical Engineering all thanks to my hobby.

After graduating from University I re-enter the hobby around 1988. I bought my first airbrush, a Paasche VL, at that time and my model quality started to improve. Around the same time, I meet Uncle Rick at his hobby shop. Rick gave me many encouragements to build more models. The skills I learned from my flying model airplane days helped me to quickly ramp up on my plastic model building skills.

In 1992, I left Calgary to Vancouver for work. The model contests I attended at IPMS Vancouver helped me tremendously. The quality of modelling in the 90s at the IPMS Vancouver shows was magnificent. Those contests introduced me to super detailing and showed me what high level of modelling is all about.

Now that I’m retired from work, I have a lot more time to devote to my hobby.  I am so thankful that I have this hobby as it gives me something to look forward to doing every day.   

Scale modelling has evolved dramatically with the introduction of new painting techniques from the EU – particularly from Spain.   Indeed scale modelling has matured to an art form which needs to recognized by people. I too build my models as an art form, but choosing also to reflect reality by not overdoing weathering such as chipping effects, and staining.  

I am using this website to share my work with anyone who cares to browse through the pages. I hope that some of my research and my experience in building a kit can help another modeller attempting the same subject.   I hope you enjoy the models you see here and I would love to hear any feedback from you about my site or my work.

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