Hasegawa 1:48 SH-3H Seaking

US NAVY SH-3H Seaking Build Date:  Start July 14, 2019, Finished xxx, 2019. SH-3H Seaking in the Cold War In the late 70s and 80s, the Soviet Union invested heavily in their attack submarine program to catch up with the US submarine technologies.  The result was the new Delta and Victor III Class submarines which... Continue Reading →

Academy 1:35 MH-60S

Builder:  Ricky Wong. Build Date: April 2018. Academy released this 1:35 MH-60S Knighthawk kit back around 2014.  It was the first and, still at the time of writing, the only available kit of this Navy helicopter in this scale.   Refer to Cybermodeler for a detailed review of this kit. Ricky has been building this kit... Continue Reading →

Academy 1:35 OH-58D Kiowa

Built Date: December, 2012 25th Combat Aviation Brigade, flies an OH-58 Kiowa One of the most memorable scene in the movie Apocalypse Now is the sequence when the cavalry of US attack helicopter flying fast and low above the dense forests of Vietnam while boldly broadcasting their morning intrusion into the enclave of the Vietcong... Continue Reading →

Skunk Models 1:48 HH60J Jayhawk

Built Date: October 9, 2011 USCG Kodiak, Alaska The full build article is published in Tamiya Model Magazine International, Issue 195. A special thank you to Macus Nicholls for sending me this kit for this article. This is a newly released model kit from Skunkmodels Workshop in 2011.   Skunkmodels is an off-branch of Kinetics/Luckymodel.... Continue Reading →

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